Tuesday, August 22, 2006

End of the World and Paris Hilton's Album Release

Though I try not to think about such things, thankfully the world didn't end on August 22 under nuclear attack by extreme muslims. This means I may actually get to finish my first film Search Dog's Raven.

With the release of Paris Hilton's debut album, also on August 22, I am now again feeling anxious. Why is my mind connecting these two events.

Hilton hired the best - including Dr. Luke who's produced a number of other big name artists like Kelly Clarkson. So I'm sure the album will have a great sound - though the single Stars are Blind is pretty generic.

This kind of financial clout and built in media attention, certainly gives Hilton a leg up in a very competitive market where about the only chance a struggling artist has nowadays is getting on American IDol.

Though I have a lot of work to get done today, I will be very happy when August 23 arrives in about 13 hours.

Snakes on a Plane Box Office

As a filmmaker, I understand how important, perhaps essential it is to listen to your audience. However, Snakes on a Plane. went too far. (Great animated snake logo by the way). Though I must admit keeping an eye out for the film’s box office numbers this weekend. It turns out the opening 15 million dollars was only half of what was expected.

It’s easy to be an armchair quarterback, but the fact is that R rated films NEVER do as well as a PG. It’s unfortunate that including several F words, one too many gory deaths and some sex scenes limited the success of a potentially great popcorn movie like Snakes on a Plane (NY Times Review).

We have received some great advice for the upcoming film Search Dog’s Raven, however some suggestions have to be taken with a grain of salt. Afterall, YOU are making the film, and paying for it (either as producer or via your resume when the film doesn’t perform), not the people spewing out free internet advice.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Stars are Blind and Music Videos

With tendencies to daydream, I often have the tv or other stimuli turned on in the background while I'm working on Search Dog's Raven.. Though it reduces my productivity, the daydreaming can be far more distracting. With the utter lack of new tv shows other than Blade the Series, I've been watching MTV.

Though Paris Hilton's song 'Stars are Blind' is predictably unforgettable, her video is sooo infuratingly watchable. This girl must practice in front of a mirror, with all her camera friendly poses.

This shows what an impact videos have had on music, as the song would likely not do very well without the memorable visuals. I would need to hear her unplugged to critique her voice, but to be honest cannot remember a single word from the song. Though a few notes from the slightly caribbean tune is in my brain somewhere. All I can remember is her in that white satin dress and the incredibly hunky guy with her on the sand.