Saturday, December 10, 2005

Internet Movie Database Poster

Finally bit the bullet. The Internet Movie Data Base ( graciously listed Search Dog’s Raven before the film started production, which is very rare for an independent film. This was likely sparked by our “In Production” listing in the Hollywood Reporter. Thank you HR! This led to small blurbs in Variety and Playback (Canada’s film trade magazine).Link

As an independent film, we’ve been very, very lucky in getting attention. However, I’ve been debating about putting the poster on the IMDB. It’s not the 35$, which is cheap considering the potential exposure on such a widely used and popular database. It’s their terms and conditions that concern me. I’m no lawyer, but it appears that you pay the IMDB 35$ to post your film’s poster, which may also entitle them to print and sell them.

So, just in case that’s the case, we decided to post just part of the poster photo, which is also a production still from the film. Though I dislike most photos of myself, I must admit, it’s a pretty compelling image. And Ebbey the search dog also looks great.


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